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Around two years ago, I was working at a fundraising call center, where my role involved training new recruits and ensuring they met their KPI’s. Part of my training program naturally involved sales skills, and no skill is more important within sales than handling rejection. …

Author, Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, and self-help guru for millions across the world, Jordan Peterson rose to stardom in a heartbeat and disappeared just as quickly. What happened?

Depending on who you ask, Jordan Peterson is either a hero or a villain. To some, he’s helped them restore a semblance of order to their chaotic lives, and to others, he’s a dangerous rhetorician who uses his quick wit and mastery of language to promote harmful and divisive ideas.

Seth Rogen is known for his love for cannabis. But just how much weed does Seth Rogen smoke each day?

Seth Rogen is renowned for his use of cannabis, having made stoner comedies such as ‘Pineapple Express’, ‘Knocked Up’, ‘Your Highness’ and ‘This is The End.’

Moreover, Rogen founded his own cannabis company called ‘Houseplant’ in collaboration with his long-time writing partner Evan Goldberg, who co-wrote Superbad with Rogen, in…

An epilepsy medication has made history by becoming the first cannabis medicine to be listed on Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

While Special Access Scheme B-Portal approvals for cannabis medications have been steadily climbing each month, cannabis medications have, up until now, been unregistered on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in Australia.

Medicines listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme are partially subsidized by the Australian Government in order to make particular…

Joe Biden went from being the pro-pot presidential candidate to being the biggest barrier to the federal legalization of weed.

While we maintained skepticism regarding Joe Biden’s willingness to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis, given his comments about cannabis being a gateway drug and his historic opposition to legalization, his statements about decriminalizing cannabis on a federal level gave hope to the broader cannabis industry that change would indeed come if…

Stoners rejoice, it’s that time of the year again. The official day of cannabis is here.

420 is the (un)official day of cannabis aficionados globally and signals a time to spark up for those who are into weed.

The name derives from a Californian group of students in Marin County named the ‘Waldos’ who would meet regularly at 4:20pm at a statue of Louis Pasteur at…

Australians are running out of medical marijuana, and many will have nowhere to turn but the black market.

The number of medical cannabis products being approved via the Special Access Scheme B-portal (SAS-B) continues to rise, with February’s numbers hitting an all-time high of over 8,000 prescriptions.

Ordinarily, increased demand for medical cannabis prescriptions would be great for the fledgling Australian cannabis industry, however, many are unable to…

An agreement has allegedly been reached in New York to legalize cannabis use, possession, and sale within the coming week.

New York has battled to legalize cannabis for several years now, and it looks like we may finally see the Empire State join the green rush and legalize the plant.

Speaking with Bloomberg, the Senate Finance Committee Chair Liz Krueger said that “the three-way agreement has been reached and that…

Virginia legislators have approved a bill that will see the sale and use of recreational marijuana for adults in 2024.

Virginia has joined the growing list of U.S. states that have legalized cannabis, making it the 16th state to do so…almost.

The bill which has been approved by both the House and Senate would legalize the use and sale of recreational cannabis by adults, but not until 2024.

Under the…

Louis O’Neill

Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of Australians.news

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