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I have permission to use this image.
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Around two years ago, I was working at a fundraising call center, where my role involved training new recruits and ensuring they met their KPI’s. Part of my training program naturally involved sales skills, and no skill is more important within sales than handling rejection. (Little did I know, handling rejection would be the key to me getting a job in the cannabis industry.)

Author, Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, and self-help guru for millions across the world, Jordan Peterson rose to stardom in a heartbeat and disappeared just as quickly. What happened?

Depending on who you ask, Jordan Peterson is either a hero or a villain. To some, he’s helped them restore a semblance of order to their chaotic lives, and to others, he’s a dangerous rhetorician who uses his quick wit and mastery of language to promote harmful and divisive ideas.

Australians are running out of medical marijuana, and many will have nowhere to turn but the black market.

The number of medical cannabis products being approved via the Special Access Scheme B-portal (SAS-B) continues to rise, with February’s numbers hitting an all-time high of over 8,000 prescriptions.

An agreement has allegedly been reached in New York to legalize cannabis use, possession, and sale within the coming week.

New York has battled to legalize cannabis for several years now, and it looks like we may finally see the Empire State join the green rush and legalize the plant.

Canada was the second country to federally legalize recreational cannabis use when it did so in 2018. So what are some of the leading Canadian marijuana stocks in 2021?

Compared with the United States’ population of 328 million. Canada has a relatively small population of just 37 million. This is why we’ve got our sights aimed at the U.S.’s bourgeoning cannabis industry, as the gains that could be made by investors in the States are almost tenfold what may occur in Canada.

Virginia legislators have approved a bill that will see the sale and use of recreational marijuana for adults in 2024.

Virginia has joined the growing list of U.S. states that have legalized cannabis, making it the 16th state to do so…almost.

Looking to invest in marijuana for a lower cost? Find out the top marijuana penny stocks in this article.

This article originally appeared on The Green Fund.

After detailing her fears amid the storming of the Capitol Hill building, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is receiving backlash from critics who say that she wasn’t actually in the building when it was stormed.

Yesterday, congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, commonly referred to as AOC, released an emotional video discussing the fear she felt while the Capitol building was stormed by Trump supporters.

A new Twitter Q&A released by President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary has resulted in outrage, following her avoidance of answering questions about the #loveisnottourism movement.

Just days after holding her first press conference, Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki has received an outpouring of disapproval regarding a recent Q&A she released on Twitter.

As Australians get older, their likelihood to suffer from chronic pain issues increases. Can medical cannabis provide a safer solution than opioids?

Rosemarie is a 57-year-old Tasmanian pensioner who suffers from fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease and three different types of arthritis. With shin splints keeping her up at night and pain that stopped her from getting out of bed most mornings, Rosemarie’s life as a mother and a grandmother was put on hold.

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Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of Australians.news

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