California Looks to Decriminalize All Psychedelics

Amid the cannabis legalization “Green Wave” that’s taking place across the globe, a second wave of legalization is also occurring, featuring psychedelics.

Following news at the beginning of November that Psilocybin therapy would be made legal in Oregon, it looks as though California may be about to follow suit.

This is because Scott Wiener, the State Senator of San Francisco, recently announced that he would be introducing a bill that seeks to decriminalize the possession of psychedelic mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelics.

As medical cannabis has proliferated and become legitimized, with a growing body of benefits to support its use for epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer pain and inflammation, a smaller body of evidence is also emerging to highlight the benefits of psychedelic use.

For example, the Co-Founder of Synthesis Retreats, Martijn Schirp, states that clients seek out the psychedelic experience for both medical and non-medical reasons. Synthesis Retreats offers a legalized, medically supervised safe space for those wanting utilize the benefits of psychedelics.

While some are there for treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD; others seek out a wellness transformation or an “immersive experience” to enrich their perspective on life.

Furthermore, a 2016 study found that the use of psychedelics were able to significantly decrease depression and anxiety levels in life-threatening cancer patients after a single dose of Psilocybin. This effect not only drew parallels with the “mystical experience” but was also maintained for at least six months after the conclusion of the study. Psychedelics also help patients who are suffering from “end-of-life PTSD or existential distress”.

Following the emergence of these benefits, psychedelic research has received funding from many notable organizations and individuals such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the U.S. military.

For these reasons, Wiener said of his legalization efforts that “we know that psychedelics can be used safely,” he said. “We know they appear to have significant medicinal uses.”

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