Citing a few psychopaths doesn’t change the broader fact that having both parents in the home is optimal. Tupac spoke about it, Obama spoke about it, and as I mentioned in the article, famous African American intellectuals like Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell spoke on it.

Of course, nobody is saying that if a child has two parents in the home they won’t be criminals, or that if you have one parent in the home you’ll definitely commit crime, but on average, children raised by one parent are statistically far more likely to commit crimes or drop out of school.

Frankly, I’m surprised you didn’t already know this from working in criminal justice.

“Foundations laid for the offspring and support systems in place” is exactly why its important to have both parents.

Of course, there are many more variables than simply having both parents in the household that affect one's tendency toward crime and other deviant behavior, but if you want to give your child the best start to life, one of the biggest things you can do is ensure they have both parents raising them.

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