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  • CryptoZooCo


    https://cryptozoo.co/ CryptoZoo is an autonomous ecosystem where users can collect, breed, and trade exotic animal hybrids on the blockchain.

  • Joe Ori

    Joe Ori

    Trial Lawyer, Cannabis Advocate, Entrepreneur. Father of four. Doing “the right thing,” my way. 😎



    Editor of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium. Cross-pollinating and supporting 11,000+ writers. Apply to https://digitalmehmet.com/contact

  • Mark Lewis

    Mark Lewis

    Founder/CEO of Prrl Labs. Inventor, entrepreneur, and cannabis enthusiast. Insatiably curious, playful, and serious about bettering the human condition.

  • Corinne Nita

    Corinne Nita

    The advice and insights of others are gifts of knowledge — I wouldn’t know anything if it weren’t for people sharing what they know.

  • Matthew Baggott

    Matthew Baggott

    PhD Neuroscientist | Data Scientist | Engaged citizen | Opinions are solely my own

  • Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

    Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

    Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life. Fully Vaccinated since 2/4

  • Darren Toth

    Darren Toth

    Cannabis writer/ advocate from Oregon.

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