Frankly, you’re bringing up your anecdotal version, which amounts to less than the broader, aggregate, statistical narrative.

Again, for the third time now, I never said that “just because there’s a 2 parent home does it automatically mean its better for the child,” but generally speaking, if you have two non-abusive parents in the household, you will perform better than your peers with one parent. This is a statistical fact, which was reinforced by the numerous links I’ve provided in both my article and responses to you.

Here’s another case, as provided by the Guardian.

“All 68 boys, aged between 12 and 16, were from working class backgrounds, had lower than average intellectual ability, had similar problems with their peers and with hyperactivity, had equally large families, and in both groups 40% suffered from dyslexia.

But there was one “very striking” difference between the two groups: 55% of the “good boys” lived with their biological fathers, compared with only 4% of the “bad boys”.”

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