Gonna have to disagree with you on the Gavin stuff. He’s a Western Chauvinist, not a white supremacist. His wife is a native American Indian, as are his kids. The proud boys have members that are black and Hispanic, who all share this worldview of Western pride. Moreover, if you look at the flow of migration, it’s mainly to Western countries, not the reverse, so one can infer that the West is indeed, the best.

As for the Southern Poverty Law Center, they’ve previously been sued for millions in a defamation lawsuit by Maajid Nawaz, who they labeled an anti-muslim extremist, despite being Muslim himself and a former Islamist who worked to reform others. And what is the SPLC’s job? To find hate groups; that's what they receive funding for. They are literally incentivized to find hate groups and have even labeled Ayaan Hirsi Ali as an extremist as well.

“Men's evil bullshit parade” is a highly simplistic view of the world and the opinions of those like Gavin, who simply acknowledge, as everyone tacitly does, that countries within the West are preferable to live in on virtually every front compared with other nations. To simply disregard him and his ilk as “racists” is ill-founded and harmful given how loaded those terms are.

Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of Australians.news

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