How Cannabis is (An Alternative) Medicine

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When used for medicinal purposes, cannabis falls within a grey area. Some take cannabinoid medicines as prescribed by their doctor, others grow it themselves to achieve medical benefits. This elasticity of cannabis’s use allows the plant to have a foot in two doors at once.

As we wrote last week, the legalization of cannabis doesn’t simply mean we’ll see a singular, homogenous cannabis industry emerge. As we’re already seeing throughout the world, cannabis products are able to fit into a wide array of industries, such as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, fabrics, textiles, and more.

Best of Both Worlds

The truth is, there is no definitive industry that cannabis necessarily fits within. Cannabis, in many respects, is an alternative medicine. The plant is deeply intertwined with spiritual connotations and had also been rejected by the medical establishment for decades up until recently. To this day, many doctors remain unaware of the benefits of cannabis use, and many patients remain fearful about trying cannabinoid medicines for similar reasons.

Compass Clinics

Fresh off of a successful cap-raise campaign that raised over AUD $1.3M, Compass Clinics utilizes a “holistic approach to medicine,” “where doctors and allied health professionals work in synergistic unity.”

A Grey Area

The effects of the War on Drugs will be long-lasting. People remain imprisoned for cannabis use, many doctors will remain sceptical surrounding the benefits of cannabis, and in many parts of the world, the plant remains illegal. It will take many years to come before cannabis is wholeheartedly welcomed with open arms by the medical community and patients alike. For this reason, cannabis will always have a home under the “alternative medicine” tent.

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