Madison Wisconsin Is Legalizing Cannabis

The momentum behind cannabis continues to snowball, this time in the City of Madison in Wisonsin, who are allowing for the possession and use of the plant on properties where users have received permission to do so.

The ongoing wave of cannabis legalization in the United States continues, this time in the City of Madison in Wisconsin, whose Common Council just passed ordinances that allow for cannabis use and possession among those aged 18 and above.

The new laws allow for the possession of up to 28 grams of cannabis, in addition to cannabis paraphernalia, on both public and private property, on the requirement that users have gained permission from the owner of the property.

Moreover, the fines for possessing over 28 grams of cannabis will be reduced to $1, effectively decriminalizing the possession of over one ounce of cannabis.

Distribution of cannabis will still incur higher penalties, as will smoking marijuana in public spaces and near schools and school buses.

One of the sponsors of the recent ordinance, Mike Verveer, stated that:

“The reality is we shouldn’t even be talking about this tonight. It’s preposterous and outrageous that the Wisconsin State Legislature has not moved toward legal and regulated adult use of cannabis like so many states have across the country, including many of our neighboring states.”

Prior to the ordinances, cannabis was decriminalized to a lesser degree in Madison in April 1977, when voters approved a ballot measure that allowed for the possession of up to 112 grams of cannabis in a private area. Contrastingly, the fine for possession in public was a $109 fine unless the cannabis use was authorized by a doctor.

Furthermore, Wisconsin legalized CBD for specific purposes in April 2014 via the Wisconsin Act 267, which was passed by a unanimous 33–0 vote, allowing cannabidiol use in the state for treatment of seizures. This law was then broadened in February 2017 when the Wisconsin Senate passed Senate Bill 10, which allowed Wisconsin citizens to possess CBD oil in Wisconsin if a doctor has authorized the used of CBD oil to treat a medical condition.

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