“People of color, especially black people, are seen as fundamentally bad and evil. There may be a good one, but when seen as a group, it is the rule to assume that they are bad.”

Do you have any evidence for this, any citations? It seems kind of racist to me.

I think what allows You to thrive as a show, is its exploration of love, psychopathy, abuse, and murder. Joe’s race is secondary, if relevant at all. Yes, in the second season Joe mentions being white on a number of occasions, all of which I cringed at. Why is everything racialized lately? Why can’t we judge people on the basis of their character rather than skin color?

“The innocence of being white will always have people forgiving a white male serial killer regardless of how heinous his crimes are.”

Again, evidence?

Sure, people found Ted Bundy charismatic, namely women who were likely pretty sick themselves. The average person, perhaps while fascinated with the mere notion of a serial killer, wouldn’t hesitate to send Bundy to jail or to the chair if given the choice.

And what about OJ Simpson, or R Kelly? They both had droves of supporters during their alleged murder/rape trials, with some women even going on to live with R. Kelly AFTER all of his controversy came to light.

What about Michael Brown, who was given the presumption of innocence right up until Eric Holder, the black Attorney General at the time, deemed his story to be outright false? This didn’t stop his alleged words being used as the slogan for Black Lives Matter.

What about Jussie Smollett, who weaponized his sexuality and race to demonize white Trump supporters, in one of the most obviously staged “hate crimes” of this century? He not only received an outpouring of support but was also allowed to walk free despite trying to falsely paint white conservatives as murderous homophobes.

What about Nick Sandmann, the white CHILD, who stood up to a man beating drums in his face and calling him names, who was promptly labeled “the most punchable” by prominent public figures like Reza Aslan?

While Jussie, OJ, Michael Brown and R. Kelly were all given the presumption of innocence, in part due to their fame and in other parts due to their race, Nicholas Sandmann was deemed guilty until proven otherwise, because he was white and wore a MAGA hat.

Reality just doesn’t square up with your fictional worldview.

“You is really the story of a white male serial killer who gets away with murders because of his whiteness. His white innocence allows for everyone around him to believe his lies. This story can only exist because the main character is a white male.”

Actually, its more likely the producers were scared shitless of making the protagonist anything other than white, because then they’d be labeled racists for portraying a “person of color” as a murderer by people like you.

Moreover, whites are the majority in the top 10 countries that watch Netflix.

That’s not to say there shouldn’t be black protagonists, or that there aren't any. Neither of those sentences is true. But you equally can’t be shocked when a protagonist has the same skin color as the majority of viewers in the country.

Every week (perhaps due to me clicking on posts like this and the algorithm rewiring itself as a result) I see a new article slamming white people. Is this white privilege? Is straight, white, male privilege the blessing that everyone gets to shit on me for my sexuality, gender and race?

Is it a privilege that I can’t engage with any garments from another culture without “culturally appropriating?”

Is it a privilege that racism toward me is called “reverse racism” as though all other forms of racism are perpetrated solely by whites?

Is it a privilege that many people have told me “reverse racism” doesn’t exist, on account of my “position of power” without having a shred of knowledge about my life?

Is it a privilege that people like Nicholas Sandmann are treated like scum because of their melanin levels?

And if white privilege can be boiled down to simply being the majority in a country, I assume you’ll equally be directing frustration at Japan, China, Africa and the Middle East for their racial homogeneity.

Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of Australians.news

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