Support for Marijuana Legalization Hits New High

A recent Gallup poll shows support for marijuana legalization in the U.S. has reached 68%, a new high for the country.

The United States has enjoyed a resurgence of enthusiasm surrounding marijuana legalization, typified by the recent green wave of legalization that occurred on Election day, which saw five states, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, Arizona, and Mississipi legalizing either recreational or medicinal marijuana.

Additionally, as the media has tentatively declared Joe Biden the President of the United States, it looks like cannabis is finally poised to be de-scheduled and decriminalized, prompting a surge in cannabis stocks throughout North America.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the underlying reason for this has just been confirmed by a recent Gallup poll, which shows that an all-time-high percentage of Americans now favour cannabis legalization. The number now sits at 68%, a small bump from the 66% of American’s that supported legalization that previous polls showed.

Source: Gallup

As has often been the case, support for cannabis legalization in the polling fell along political lines, and according to Gallup:

“Most politically left-leaning and middle-of-the-road Americans remain supportive of legalizing marijuana, while less than half of those who lean right favor it. Over eight in 10 Democrats and liberals, and more than seven in 10 independents and moderates, back legalization, but just under half of Republicans and conservatives do.”

The rise in support for cannabis legalization can be boiled down to several factors, such as an increased awareness of the medical benefits of the plant, evidence of the economic benefits of legalization, such as those seen in Illinois recently, who has sold over half a billion dollars worth of weed in less than a year.

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