The Dark Underbelly of Tasmania

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There’s more to Tasmania than meets the eye. But could this present a golden opportunity?

Famous for its clean air, beautiful landscapes, and Tasmanian devils, Tasmania is a popular holiday destination that attracts over one million visitors each year. It’s often reported that celebrities seek refuge in Tasmania in order to get away from the paparazzi, as they bask in some of the oldest trees, and drink some of the purest water on earth.

The Opioid Epidemic

Opioids are powerful, and highly effective medicines that are able to greatly improve the living conditions of people suffering from chronic pain. However, as many will know, they also have the ability to be wrongly prescribed, misused, abused, and can be potentially fatal.

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Source: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Could This Be a Solution to the Poppy Problem?

As the world looks for solutions and alternatives to the ongoing opioid epidemic, many are looking to cannabinoid medicines to potentially fill the void.

Growing Cannabis in Tasmania

The benefits of growing cannabis in Tasmania are many and varied. Firstly, it’s no coincidence that Tasmania is famous for its agriculture industry; the state is perfect for farming. The low risk, cool climates, abundant UV, and lack of pests and hail all combine to make Tasmania the optimal climate for growing cannabis.

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