The issue is that while I agree, his views are eloquent and more sophisticated than most, this is precisely the problem, his views don’t align with the mainstream.

Many individuals believe their religious text to be the true word of god, and if you grant this belief to be genuine, it allows for the justification of abhorrent behaviours. In fact, if one believed Mohammed to be the true mouthpiece for God, then they would be foolish not to wish to adopt some of his traits. Whether it be polygamy, perhaps pedophilia, or maybe the spreading of the faith by the sword, these actions make sense when viewed through a fundamentalist lens.

Petersons definition of God doesn’t require organised religion, and yet despite this, Peterson fails to disavow theocracy and the dogmatic elements within the religious texts themselves. I see this as an issue.

Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of

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