The Media that Cried Collusion: The Trump-Russia Myth

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After two years of investigation, Robert Mueller’s report on the Trump Russia Collusion is in. Though one fact seems to be lingering more than others, which is that he recommends no-one be indicted.

This has come as a shock to all who saw countless articles, elected officials and celebrities combined speaking about Trumps collusion with Russia.

Turns out, they all might be wrong.

While one might think that this is good news, and that the President of the United States of America should have clean hands, it seems many people wish otherwise.

For years, the left has prayed, dreamed and schemed their way into portraying Trump as the next Hitler. In fact, many articles have said as much.

And now, two years later, when it seems that no evidence of collusion has been found, they shoot the messenger and double down on their theory.

Though this could be the final nail in the coffin for the Democrats, who recently attempted to abolish the electoral college, and lower the voting age to 16 in desperate attempts to reclaim power.

While Trump is certainly not the peak embodiment of virtue and morality, the waters have indeed become murky when it comes to just how bad he actually is.

People once expected truth from news outlets, whereas now it’s become common knowledge that most publications are nothing more than slanderous and vehemently anti-Trump.

The media doesn’t want to report on a good president, they merely want to prove that Trump is a bad one, even if all the evidence points to the contrary.

Despite having no prior political experience, 2016 saw Donald Trump win in an unprecedented victory to Hilary Clinton, who by contrast seems like the perfect cookie-cutter politician.

Since then, the media has been on an anti-Trump mission, trying to dig up any dirt they can to impeach him, or at least defeat him in the 2020 elections.

From being called everything under the sun, like a racist, rapist or a sexist, Trump has had a rough few years in the media spotlight.

And yet, we know that many of the people who voted for Obama twice, went on to elect Donald J Trump.

But how can this be? Aren’t all Trump supporters racist?

Well, let’s look back to Obama’s presidency.

Obama’s campaign was all about “Change.”

Finally there was a president who was articulate, funny, charismatic and affable, not to mention he was the first president that wasn’t a white male.

Surely he has something new to bring to the table.

Then what happened? Obama ordered drone strikes in the Middle East, laughed when asked to legalise pot, worsened race relations and perpetuated the age-old wage gap myth.

But have no fear, Obama is a Democrat. This means that the media, and by extension, the people, unquestioningly loved him.

Now let’s fast forward to the 2016 election, Trump versus Hilary Clinton.

Hilary was as archetypal as it gets. In and around politics all her life, you couldn’t find someone who seemed more poised for the job.

However, Hilary was not without dirt herself.

Hilary had taken donations from the best of them, including Russia, all while finding the time to allegedly silence the women sexually abused by her ex-president husband.

And yet, Hilary was the people’s choice, winning the popular vote. Why? For the same reason as Obama: Because she was a Democrat, as well as not being a white male.

While on the exterior, Hilary was a refreshing change, perhaps deep down people learned that exteriors and identity politics didn’t matter much when it came down to brass tacks.

Meanwhile Trump was as unconventional as it gets, inside and out. While technically a white male, Trump is more commonly referred to as “orange man,” who was also a reality TV star millionaire with no clear political experience or leaning.

It seems that Trump’s unconventionality represented the change that many expected from Obama, and while the public polls didn’t show it, people’s votes reflected their real thoughts.

All the while the left remains in denial, still hoping to ruin Trumps chance of being elected again.

Though after 2 years of slandering, it becomes increasingly hard to know when the media is correct, and incorrect.

It’s well known that media distrust is high, and this could largely be due to the Trump smear campaign. Even if Trump comes back entirely clear in the Mueller reports, you can bet your bottom dollar that the likes of late night hosts such as Trevor Noah and John Oliver will find a way to spin this back into ‘Orange man bad.’

Though it could be this kind of behaviour that shoots itself in the foot, should Donald Trump truly make a fatal error, it may find itself drowned out among the existing years of media outcry.

Until then, its very possible we will see another term of Donald Trump.

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