The Moment I became Red-Pilled

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I previously considered myself to be left-wing, while seeing conservatives as old men clutching onto dying, antiquated ideas.

But then I took the red pill.

So what exactly does it mean to be “red-pilled?”

Red pilling is a term that originated from the Matrix, in which Morpheus offers Neo an option: Take the blue pill and live in ignorance. Take the red and wake up to the world.

Red pilling is an expression for any time someone’s worldview is shattered, and their world is subsequently revealed to be far different from their perception.

In my case, my awakening began with the Wage Gap — The idea that women earn 77 cents to every mans dollar.

At first I was outraged. How can we still not value women in the 21st century? It doesn’t make sense! If someone can do the job, what difference does it matter what they look like? I thought to myself.

Then I began to research and found a rather simple explanation.

Women enter into different fields, and often work less hours due to child-rearing. Meanwhile most of the STEM jobs, as well as the most lethal jobs, were almost entirely dominated by men who worked full-time or even overtime.

So it wasn’t an apples to apples comparison, as men and women did in fact earn the same hourly wage. The wage gap was simply because men and women work different hours in different careers.

And yet, I saw people continue to spread this myth — all the way up to President Obama.

All the while James Damore was fired from Google for publishing his infamous memo explaining why there was a difference in STEM participation among men and women, one that wasn’t due to sexism.

It wasn’t that Damore had published propaganda either. He had simply provided facts which discredit the mainstream narrative of a patriarchy.

This was the moment I was Red Pilled.

At the same time, an American Filmmaker named Cassie Jaye produced a documentary about men’s rights entitled ‘Red Pill.’

Needless to say I was intrigued and wanted to see it. The film centers around Cassie’s own position as a feminist, who finds herself empathizing with the plight of men on many issues she hadn’t heard of. Men who were far more often incarcerated, losing custody battles, committing suicide and dying in their careers.

It seemed the world wasn’t as patriarchal as Jaye had imagined.

But I would never find out what happened in that documentary, as protesters here in Australia had the documentary barred. This was a shocking moment for me.

For most of my life I had heard of how privileged men were, and how women were often treated as second-class citizens. And yet, when a film comes out explaining that men face their own range of issues, it is immediately shut down.

This is when I realized the media, and the left, don’t care about the truth. They care about power.

A perfect summary of this notion is made by the contemporary poster-girl for the left: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC for short.)

When faced with some factual errors she had made, AOC stated that people are “too concerned with being factually correct, when they should be focusing on being morally right.”

Perhaps unbeknownst to herself, AOC had accurately depicted everything wrong with the left. If you go against the mainstream narrative, be prepared to face a lot of backlash.

Just ask Kanye what happened when he said he liked Candace Owens, a prominent African American Conservative female.

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In case you don’t have Kanye on speed dial, his approval of Owens was not taken positively. Kanye had stepped outside of the appropriate political box given to African Americans, and he was being pushed right back into it, with names thrown at him like ‘Token’ and ‘Uncle Tom.’

The Left likes people from all racial backgrounds, so long as they think the way the Left wants them to.

And there is one person who has felt this more than any other individual.

Donald J Trump.

You could be forgiven for thinking Trump is “literally Hitler” or some variant of it, given that this is the opinion held by almost everyone in the public eye.

However, when we look at the data it doesn’t seem to match up.

Firstly, the fact that almost every news agency has made a comparison between Trump and Hitler & nobody has been killed, seems to discredit the notion that he’s a murderous dictator.

But I’ll be the first to admit that’s a pretty low bar to set.

Another strange factor is that the US economy is currently a powerhouse, with black unemployment at an all time low. These facts seem the threaten the narrative that Trump is a racist buffoon.

Along with this, while ridiculed for not getting North Korea to denuclearise, Trump’s meeting with Kim-Jong-un was the first where the North Korean ‘Supreme Leader’ spoke with US journalists…ever.

While you could say Trump should have done better, he’s still built a stronger tie to North Korea than any other US president & I think this is generally a good thing.

Then we have his infamous Border Wall, often called a “fake emergency.”

Few seem to realise that it was in fact president Obama was actually in support of the ‘Secure Fence Act’ in 2006 which sought to strengthen border security, which was reiterated when Huffington Post released their shocking news that 80% of Central American Women were Raped crossing the border.

Sound familiar?

This was the infamous line that Trump said about (Some) Mexicans, which was that when they illegally cross into the US, they aren’t always the best people. Some are murderers, some are rapists, and some are good people.

This, it turns out, is factually correct. Of course some of the illegal immigrants are good people simply searching for a better life. But some of the illegal immigrants are also raping young women, and the media has essentially had to turn a blind eye to this fact simply due to their hatred for Trump.

And lastly, who could forget Russia. The endless mentions of Trumps ties with Putin, and how they colluded to jeopardize the US democracy.

This may have been the biggest Red-pill to date, as we learned that Trump in fact hadn’t colluded, and that he was indeed democratically elected.

I’m not suggesting you should support Trump, or really anything else I’m saying. But I am urging you to question the narratives we’re told, the ones that we must believe unquestioningly.

It’s time for everyone to become Red-Pilled.

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Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of

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