This piece assumes that women are forced at gunpoint to marry men and that marriage is merely a symptom of male supremacy. You say that married women voted for Trump in “their own self-interest,” well, why is this wrong? As a feminist, shouldn’t you support the heterogeneous behaviours of women? Or do you only align with women who share your political views?

If voting for Trump is good for these women's husbands and children, why wouldn’t they do it? Why shouldn’t they?

“My husband could have stayed home with the kids, and I could have worked. However, in my case, I was in medical school, so if my husband would have stayed home, we would have had no income whatsoever.”

The mythical “pay gap” which you and your ilk seem to regurgitate ad nauseam is precisely because of scenarios like these. Most men predicate their lives around ensuring they are financially secure and being capable of providing for a family — and before you say “this is because of harmful gender stereotypes!!”

Would women date an unemployed man with no career prospects or drive?

No, because it isn’t in their “best interests.”

This is why it's far more common to see a woman date an older man, because he is more likely to have accumulated wealth, status and security than a younger man.

The pay gap exists because men work longer hours in higher paying fields or riskier, less desirable jobs, and I would go even further and say, they do all of this because they are genetically wired to.

Men are less neurotic in psychometric terms and less agreeable which makes them more willing to negotiate for pay rises. All of this is well established in peer-reviewed literature. No matter how much money you throw at STEM fields to try and lure women in, it simply isn’t what they want to do (generally.)

And what is your solution? That a woman works her entire life, making sure she’s financially secure, uses IVF by herself, deprives her children of a father figure (which leads to a massive spike in negative outcomes such as the tendency toward crime) and then, because she’s such a “boss bitch” working 60 hour weeks, she spends all her hard-earned cash on a nanny who will raise her kids for her. Is this the feminist utopia you dream of?

Hmm…I can’t seem to figure out why women aren’t signing up for it.

Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of

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