This whole piece is riddled with inaccuracies. Did Trump call COVID-19 a hoax?

As per "Trump did use the word ‘hoax’ but his full comments, and subsequent explanation, make clear he was talking about Democratic attacks on his administration’s handling of the outbreak, not the virus itself."

And the Washington Post: "The context of the full quote shows Trump criticized Democratic talking points and media’s coverage of his response to the coronavirus, but does not call the virus itself a hoax."

You then cite the U.S.'s nationalism for their poor COVID-19 response, using raw death numbers as opposed to per capita deaths. Naturally, if the death rate remains constant for each country, countries like the U.S. and India will have more raw deaths than others simply due to their population size.

Meanwhile, looking on a per capita basis you'll find that countries like Belgium, Peru, Italy and Spain fared far worse than the U.S.

Is Peru too nationalistic? You failed to mention them in the piece.

Moreover, can you explain how nationalism prevents COVID-19? Trump shut the borders to the U.S. while Democrats such as President-Elect Joe Biden called him xenophobic. Would you too have urged for open borders during COVID? Would this have helped?

Additionally, would you encourage illegal border crossings from Mexico into the U.S., given that there were over 1 million of them last year? Do you think this is a sustainable policy?

What of the children who are trafficked across, or the 80% of women who are sexually abused during their journeys?

There is almost zero journalistic or intellectual integrity in this piece.

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