You call Trump “openly racist” and yet you openly, and unironically admit to voting for Obama simply because he was African American… all without proving the racism of Trump.

In May, America received an influx of over 100,000 illegal immigrants. Is it racist to want people to follow due process and to be vetted before entering the country?

If so, Obama is certainly racist, as he deported more people each term than trump, and also built the cages for illegal refugee’s.

It also seems weird that black unemployment would be at the lowest level historically under Trump, if Trump is as racist as you suggest. And if Trump is such an imbecile, why has the economy not crashed?

Also, why do many people believe racial relations worsened under Obama? Could it be that he perpetuated the myth that white police are running rampant and killing African Americans?

Is Racism worse now? Is that why Jussie Smollett had to make up a hate crime?

And Trump committed “exhortations to violence?” Because a few people got beat up protesting him? Sure, it's unappealing. Sure, it’s unideal. But let’s not forget Trump has proven to be anti-war through and through, avoiding drone striking Iran, getting troops out of the Middle East, all while building diplomacy between the U.S., NK, and Russia.

Obama, on the other hand, continued the War on Terror which led to thousands of innocent people being killed via drone strikes, not to mention his War on Drugs and his anti-marijuana sentiment in which he scoffed at the possibility of legalizing it. (Marijuana is estimated to bring $20bn in tax revenue by 2022, not to mention that the government should have absolutely no say in what we ingest into our bodies.)

Obama was also against gay marriage when he entered his presidency, only changing with the times as it was politically suitable. Trump is the first president to have gone into his presidency already in support of gay marriage, with tech-genius Peter Thiel as one of his most vocal, gay supporters.

In fact, Peter Thiel admitted that coming out as conservative was much more difficult than coming out as gay… what does that tell you about the open-mindedness of the Democratic party and those who support them?

And you wanted Hilary to win? Why? Because she has a vagina? And yet you say that Trump is the sexist…

Hilary abused and intimidated the women that her husband sexually assaulted, called half the country deplorable for daring to have an alternative political opinion, was fed debate information by Donna Brazile of CNN prior to a presidential debate, received funding from Russia, and is believed to have siphoned millions through the Clinton Foundation.

Trump has spoken truth to power, putting tariffs on China’s rampant behavior, and pointing out how biased and partisan the news has become.

Who are your alternatives now? Who is better than Trump?

I’d love to get some responses to some of this…

Hello! My name is Louis. I write about the growing cannabis industry, politics, religion, and philosophy. Co-founder of

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